Vision & Mission


We aim to be world-class, committed to customer satisfaction and to encourage the spirit of leadership amongst our dedicated team by creating a healthy environment for continuous growth, profit and prosperity.


We are in the business of manufacturing pipes for conveying safe drinking water and other fluids for domestic and overseas markets.

We will maintain our dominant position in the domestic pipe market and enhance our presence in the overseas market by setting up multi-locational units as per business potential.

For sustained growth, we intend to venture into related businesses in the area of

  • Suitable horizontal and vertical integration projects
  • Turnkey projects
  • Engineering & consultancy
  • Build-own-operate-transfer projects and diversify into new areas of business including infrastructure related projects

We will achieve the above through -

  • Continuous technological up-gradation & absorption of new technology
  • Effective team-based working
  • Continuous training & human resources development
  • Developing ancillary units
  • Cost competitiveness