The core business of SPL is manufacture and supply of DI Pipes. The Company's integrated facility comprises of a technologically advanced DI Pipe Plant along with Backward and Forward integration units in a centralized complex spread over a sprawling 300 acres.


Srikalahasthi Pipes Limited's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Rachagunneri village on Tirupati-Srikalahasthi Road, Srikalahasthi Mandal, Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh in India.

Integrated Facility

Ductile Iron Pipe Plant (DIP)

The 3,00,000 TPA Ductile Iron Pipe Plant of SPL is integrated with the 2,75,000 TPA Mini Blast Furnace, 2,25,000 TPA Coke Oven Plant, 12 MW Captive Power Plant, 99,000 TPA Cement Plant, 5,00,000 TPA Sinter Plant and 5 MLD Sewage Water Treatment Plant. The Blast Furnace Gas from the Mini Blast Furnace caters to various energy requirements, thereby reducing HSD/LDO consumption significantly.

Apart from the above, SPL has a DI Flanged Pipe Unit, with a production capacity of 3,600 TPA.

Coke Oven Plant (COP)

SPL has built three Batteries with a production capacity of 2,25,000 TPA Coke of Blast Furnace & Foundry grade. The Plant's coal requirements are mainly met from Australian mines.

12 MW Power Plant (CPP)

SPL's Captive Power Plant is based on waste heat recovery from Coke Oven Plant and no other fuel is used in generation of 12 MW power. All the power generated from this Plant is being used for captive consumption.

Mini Blast Furnace (MBF)

SPL has a Tata Korf Mini Blast Furnace (MBF) with a capacity of 2,75,000 TPA liquid metal equipped with Hot Blast Stoves, Sinter Plant and Pulverized Coal Injection. In the manufacturing process of MBF, generation of slag which is around 30 to 35% is utilized for producing slag cement in the Mini Cement Plant and the surplus slag is sold in the market.

MBF has a 2.5 MW Captive Power Plant based on BF Gas.

Sinter Plant

SPL has set up a 33 Sq. m. Sinter plant which has a rated capacity of 1400 MT / Day. The Plant has been set up with the objective of reusing BF Gas & Limestone fines from MBF, coke fines from COP, using limestone from own mines and iron ore fines in place of costlier calibrated ore.

Mini Cement Plant

In order to utilize the slag generated from the Company's mini blast furnace, a mini cement plant was installed in the year 1995 with a capacity of 99,000 TPA under the brand name "SPL GOLD".

The plant today produces superior quality Portland slag cement conforming to IS 455: 2015

Around 35% of the Plant's production is utilized internally for cement mortar lining of DI Pipes in DI Pipe plant, own civil construction and balance quantity of slag cement (PSC) is sold in Chennai/AP/Kerala markets.

Ferro Silicon

We are having 2x9 MVA Submerged Arc Furnace. We are manufacturing Ferro Silicon (70-75%) grade and have capacity to produce Ferro Silicon 16000 MTPA. We are committed to ensure highest quality standards to assure accurate and reliable product and service to our customers.

A dream, to lead in the Indian steel industry, led us to create Ferro Alloy products of the finest quality. Ferro alloys are alloying elements that enhance steel strength, durability, anti-corrosion and anti-stain properties.

Manufacturing of Ferro Silicon is being done under the supervision of highly qualified professionals with precise chemical specifications. Our expertise lies in manufacturing these Ferro alloys in standard specification as well as customized form to meet with the specifications of our clients.

We have also taken BIS license which is now mandatory to Purchase/ Sell Ferro Silicon as per Ministry of Steel.


Own Railway Siding

SPL has its own electrified railway siding to accommodate two full rakes at a time. The siding is being utilized for bringing iron ore from Hospet, coal from Chennai/Krishnapatnam Ports and for dispatch of pig iron to Punjab and occasional dispatch of cement through railway wagons.

Leased Plot at Krishnapatnam Port

A dedicated plot has been taken on lease basis at the Krishnapatnam Port to accommodate the coal imported from Australia.

Water arrangement

SPL has a long-term agreement with Tirupathi Municipal Corporation (TMC) for the supply of sewerage water for 25 years, supported by appropriate GO of AP Govt.

This is the first of its kind initiative in the state of Andhra Pradesh where Sewerage water is treated and utilized for industrial use.


SPL's Captive power generation system is synchronized with APTRANSCO 132 KV power for 14,990 KVA CMD and thus has provision to draw additional power for future expansions.

Material handling facilities

SPL has got its own transport division with more than 60 material handling equipment including tippers, payloaders, JCBs, Hydra Cranes, Goliath Cranes, Coles Cranes, Forklifts etc. The facility has a well-equipped garage/ maintenance shop with appropriate manpower to cater for day to day handling of various materials across all Divisions.

Long-term leased limestone mines in Kadapa

SPL has own three Limestone mines in Tippalur, T.V. Palle and Kazipet in Kadapa Dist. The Limestone from these mines is consumed in the Mini Cement Plant as well as the Mini Blast Furnace.

Occupational Health Centre

SPL has a dedicated Occupational Health Centre providing First Aid Medical Services and subsequent additional treatments through relevant hospital depending upon the cases to all the employees working in the plant and staff & Executives families staying in the colony.

24 x7 service facility is available with three Nurses in each shift and the Doctor is available in general shift. As the Doctor is staying in the colony, his service is available round the clock to handle an emergency situation.

Two Ambulances equipped with required medical kits are kept ready to take the patients to ESI or nearby Hospitals in case of emergency.

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Occupational Health Centre in the Plant
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