In order to utilize the slag generated from the Company's mini blast furnace, a mini cement plant was installed in the year 1995 with a capacity of 99,000 TPA under the brand name "SPL GOLD". The plant today produces superior quality Portland slag cement conforming to IS 455: 2015

SPL Gold Cement is manufactured by qualified and experienced technical team and stands for its quality.

Packed in both H.D.P.E (plastic) and PAPER bags, it is eco-friendly and ideal for all purposes.


  • Fights against chemical attacks and restricts air cracks in a building

  • Gains strength above the normal cement over a period of time

  • Minimizes
    construction cost

  • Restrict Erosion and Corrosion of Concrete.
  • Restrict Sulphur and other Alkaline reacting on Concrete.
  • Prevents Cracks in Construction due to low Thermal stress.
  • The strength of cement increases gradually more than other normal cement.
  • Slag content adds strength to concrete.
  • It withstands heat when compared to other grades of cement.
  • It controls moisture penetrating into the concrete thus prevents damage to Reinforcement.
  • Best blended for strong and leak-proof slabs hence prevents honeycombing, leaching.
  • Due to low heat of Hydration and low porosity, high-density concrete produced.
  • Due to high fineness, it provides a silky finish to the walls.
  • Increase water tightness eliminates water seepage.
  • Better workability due to higher fineness.
  • Piling
  • Other Foundations
  • Slabs, Columns & Beams
  • Brick work & Plastering
  • Marine Application
  • Coastal Area Constructions
  • Roads and Bridges
  • Mass Concrete Execution
  • All Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Constructions
  • Power Plants
  • C P C L - Chennai
  • Bridge & Roof
  • Arun Excello
  • C.C.C.L
  • Ankur foundations (P) Ltd.
  • Bhatia International
  • S.B.Q. Steel
  • Agra wire Industries
  • Alliance Group
  • Inducon Structural
  • Mapcon Structural's
  • NTPC Tamil Nadu Energy Company, Vallur, Chennai
  • C.M.R. Toyotsu Aluminum India (Pvt) Ltd.