Ferro Silicon

We are having 2x9 MVA Submerged Arc Furnace. We are manufacturing Ferro Silicon (70-75%) grade and have capacity to produce Ferro Silicon 16000 MTPA. We are committed to ensure highest quality standards to assure accurate and reliable product and service to our customers.

A dream, to lead in the Indian steel industry, led us to create Ferro Alloy products of the finest quality. Ferro alloys are alloying elements that enhance steel strength, durability, anti-corrosion and anti-stain properties.

Manufacturing of Ferro Silicon is being done under the supervision of highly qualified professionals with precise chemical specifications. Our expertise lies in manufacturing these Ferro alloys in standard specification as well as customized form to meet with the specifications of our clients.

We have also taken BIS license which is now mandatory to Purchase/ Sell Ferro Silicon as per Ministry of Steel.

Ferro Silicon Specification:

Please find below our standard specification for Ferro Silicon (70-75) Grade:

Parameter Value
Silicon 70% min
Carbon 0.15% max
Alumina 1.50% max
Sulphur 0.05% max
Phosphorous 0.05% max