Environment Initiatives

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Srikalahasthi Pipes Limited business principles and processes are guided by our vision of responsible use of natural resources, continuous improvement of processes and recycling of wastes.

SPL is continuously committed to environmental protection and preservation of natural resources by adopting and implementing the principles of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Awarded for Environment Protection

'The Best Industry Practicing Cleaner Production Technologies and Climate Change Mitigation Measures' Award by Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB)

SPL has been effectively maintaining the Environmental Management System standard ISO: 14001 since 2006 in Ductile Iron Pipe, Pig Iron, Cement, Coke Oven and 12 MW Captive Power Plant divisions.

Solid Waste Recycling
Solid Waste Recycling to Sinter
  • Effective utilization of solid wastes like MBF Slag & limestone fines & COP Coke Fines and converting into slag cement
  • Effective utilization of Iron ore fines, limestone fines and coke fines and converting into Sinter
  • Effective utilization of Cement Mortar lining sludge by converting into bricks useful for own civil constructions
Blast Furnace Gas Utilization
Blast Furnace Gas utilization for Hot Blast Stove
  • Reused in DIP Annealing, MBF air preheating, MBF 2.5 MW captive power generation and Sinter plant in place of HSD/LDO.
Waste Heat Utilization
Waste Heat Utilization - COP Hot Flue Gas for 12MW Power Generation
  • Hot flue gas generated from Coke Oven Plant is used for 12 MW Captive power generation in CPP.
  • Hot flue gas from MBF is used for slag drying in Cement plant
Sewage Treatment Plant
Sewage Treatment Plant

Usage of Tirupati Municipality's sewage water in SPL Sewage Treatment Plant for various industrial applications, thereby conserving groundwater resources.

Plantation programs
Plantation Programs

Regular plantation drives are undertaken across the premises as a part of the green belt development agenda.